Smart Rooms for Smart People

The famous refrigerator, which orders food on the Internet independently, is as old as ISDN - and that was before the World Wide Web, that is, in the distant past. We at actesy have now extended this approach with the help of the actesy metadata framework. For Aderal AG, we are currently planning an integrated smart home concept that supports practically all activities of a hotel guest with apps on the smartphone.

actesy in the real estate letter Exporeal Special from 04.10.2019

Hardly any other industry uses as many different computer programs as the real estate industry. The problem is that the programs are difficult to link together. This is exactly where the startup actesy from St. Gallen can help with its disruptive and innovative approach. The motto is "Preserve what has been tried and tested and add new ones or develop new ones".

System houses need frameworks

Google is one of the largest system houses in the world, nevertheless it needs a framework... Whether Salesforce, Microsoft, Facebook or Amazon - they all ensure that the server market, as we knew it, "evaporates" in the cloud. Who still needs system houses when the servers are invisibly expanded rack by rack in the cloud data center and are therefore out of reach of the system service providers?

My data, your data

For European cloud users, there is an unsolved, if not unsolvable problem: who owns the data when it matters? With the actesy metadata framework, actesy offers a hybrid solution that provides a high level of protection against third-party access. In addition, you can use your own actesy Rights Management to carefully assign access rights to users, user groups and user roles in the hybrid cloud.

Rights and Links

The basic data protection regulation in the European Union is now in force for a good year. While most standard commercial applications have user and rights management features, however when links come into play, these management systems quickly reach their limits. We at actesy have therefore made a virtue out of necessity and developed a tool out of the numerous individual solutions, with the help of the actesy metadata framework, which manages the rights for data, functions and links in practically every environment.
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