Swiss Pocket Knife of Digitization

For 130 years, the "Swiss Army and Sports Knife" has been the epitome of a multifunctional tool. Today, the actesy metadata framework has more functions and interfaces than the largest of all Swiss Army Knives with no less than 141 functions. With the actesy metadata framework, your digitization strategy will also succeed. It fits - like the Swiss Army Knife - in every pocket of a successful IT manager.

actesy AG fights for the "starting field diamond"

actesy AG, St. Gallen, is one of five finalists in the "Starting Field Diamond" prize for entrepreneurs in Eastern Switzerland awarded by the St. Gallen Kantonalbank together with the Starting Field Foundation

Technology obstacles slow down digitization - but they don't have to

Almost fifty percent of German companies report problems when it comes to digital strategy. As a reason for this, many managers say they don't have time for it. But "no time" is often only an explanation for the fact that the technical obstacles for such an implementation are perceived as insurmountable. With the actesy metadata framework, however, you have five good reasons to face the digital strategy.

A Platform for Solutions

After the foundation of actesy in 2018, last year was the year in which we developed the actesy metadata framework into a platform for solutions. Thus, our business success is now based on two pillars: on the one hand on the framework and on the other hand on solutions for the daily challenges of digital life.

Shared Intelligence

Shared Intelligence" creates a completely new understanding of business. Sharing your knowledge with all parties involved will result in a higher return on investment in the form of more feedback on current events and faster reaction to market changes. We at actesy live Shared Intelligence. That is why we also share the actesy metadata framework with everyone who wants to take the path into the future with us.
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