Making the data run

Migration projects have the unfortunate tendency to always consume more time and resources than originally anticipated. This is why we at actesy have combined the experience gained from numerous migration projects and created with actesy Intelligent Data Management (IDM) a tool which significantly reduces the effort involved in data migration and thus keeps the overall project within the framework.

Whoever has the data has the power

The biggest challenge of digitization is the access to data from different systems and the associated data protection laws. Good reasons to deal with the actesy metadata framework. Because with actesy you gain time, money and competence for your digital project.

Didn't win and still a winner

A completely new experience for actesy and our team: To be a winner without having won the Diamond 2020. We were allowed to fight for the diamond in the last 2 months at the diamond starting field of the St. Galler Kantonalbank as nominated startup.
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