Everybody's "own" data!

Theoretically, everything is clear: Whoever generates the data also owns it. This is by no means the case in practice. We at actesy are convinced that the connection of digital worlds on process as well as on data level opens the decisive advantage and holds unbelievable potential for new business models.

Peter Imthurn goes on board at actesy AG

After 30 years of successful managerial activity in ERP projects, Peter Imthurn is now moving from ERP provider GUS Schweiz AG to actesy AG as Chairman of the Board of Directors. The startup founded last year aims at integration projects in the field of enterprise software with the actesy metadata framework. The actesy framework enables users to implement their individual digital strategy independently.

Open Data with actesy

The Open Data Initiative enables joint customers to have a unified view of the data in the systems. It is a wonderful promise that has only one drawback: the cooperation of several large companies entails considerable waiting times. However, you can achieve exactly the same now with the actesy framework - only faster and more economically and exactly as you need it.

As well on the Road in the Front Row

Every day countless mails of the same name arrive: "I'm not in the office at the moment and have only limited access to my mails on the road...". In order to keep mobile employees in the front row in terms of communication technology, we have developed additional adaptors for the actesy framework with which content can be specially prepared for mobile devices.

actesy - Agile and Stable

Many business processes cast in software are like carved in stone: once coded, they are never modified again because the effort is simply too high. With the actesy framework you are agile and yet stable. You extend existing application systems, help to transfer legacy systems into a modern world, and connect digital worlds.

Madness is to keep everything as it was but to hope that something will change

Because 95% of all business processes are still handled in monolithic, closed ERP and business systems, digitization or agility will progress only very slowly. This is why the "DNS" of the new era is: self-organized, decentralized, collaborative, agile, customer and business driven. With the actesy framework you can analyze the processes in detail without having to touch the central business systems.
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