Complete solution is Old School

The business model of the full service provider appears to be under threat of extinction as it brings with it several key drawbacks that have arisen from the digital transformation of factories and offices. In short: with the actesy metadata framework you get your individual complete solution without making any concessions to functionality or integrity.

Medium-sized companies and start-ups: Partners for the future

The established management - no matter whether in family businesses or in listed corporations - is afraid to enter into partnerships with the newcomers even after a short founding decade. However, the eternal middle class mantra applies that only experts from the industry really know what the industry really needs.

Framework for platform economy

In the beginnings of the "Cloudian Age" the world was still flat. The cloud was for the beautiful things of the world. But now cloud services are quite strategic. The platform economy tries to create completely new sources of revenue and customer relationships via the cloud.

The end of "either, or"!

IT managers no longer have to decide whether they prefer to deploy custom-tailored solutions for their business processes or whether they want to fall back on an "all-in-one package". With the actesy metadata framework we oppose this with a clear "as well as" approach. Because we connect digital worlds with each other.

At the end of the Monolithic

It's time for the end of the monolithic - the IT age in which large software entities first emerged, developing into large software monopolies. actesy is a company of the digital age. Those who want to go there should not rely on the monolithic.
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