Didn't win and still a winner

A completely new experience for actesy and our team: To be a winner without having won the Diamond 2020. We were allowed to fight for the diamond in the last 2 months at the diamond starting field of the St. Galler Kantonalbank as nominated startup.

Survive the next consolidation wave with actesy

Some IT companies do not trade in software, but in software houses, thus triggering a massive wave of consolidation. It has always been a combination of technology and market logic that led to the death of providers: For users who do not want to participate in this market consolidation, the actesy metadata framework is a real declaration of independence!

Swiss Pocket Knife of Digitization

For 130 years, the "Swiss Army and Sports Knife" has been the epitome of a multifunctional tool. Today, the actesy metadata framework has more functions and interfaces than the largest of all Swiss Army Knives with no less than 141 functions. With the actesy metadata framework, your digitization strategy will also succeed. It fits - like the Swiss Army Knife - in every pocket of a successful IT manager.

actesy AG fights for the "starting field diamond"

actesy AG, St. Gallen, is one of five finalists in the "Starting Field Diamond" prize for entrepreneurs in Eastern Switzerland awarded by the St. Gallen Kantonalbank together with the Starting Field Foundation
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