A Platform for Solutions

After the foundation of actesy in 2018, last year was the year in which we developed the actesy metadata framework into a platform for solutions. Thus, our business success is now based on two pillars: on the one hand on the framework and on the other hand on solutions for the daily challenges of digital life.

Shared Intelligence

Shared Intelligence" creates a completely new understanding of business. Sharing your knowledge with all parties involved will result in a higher return on investment in the form of more feedback on current events and faster reaction to market changes. We at actesy live Shared Intelligence. That is why we also share the actesy metadata framework with everyone who wants to take the path into the future with us.

Efficiency and Feedback

Digital change is less a technology issue than a question of communication and collaboration. Those who believe that they have already initiated a digital transformation with a few digitized machines in production are on the wrong track. With the actesy metadata framework, we have therefore created an integration platform that makes the exchange of data possible on all four levels.

actesy AG is part of the weXelerate startup ecosystem

Swiss integration specialist wins with the concept "Connecting Digital Worlds". That was convincing in Vienna. The Swiss start-up actesy AG was able to assert itself in a group of around 250 young companies in the most recent tender of the Viennese Accelerator weXelerate for the next round of its four-month promotion programme.

Five to twelve for the xinvoice

More than five years ago, the EU Directive 2014/55EU was enacted, which makes the introduction of xinvoicing mandatory for contracting authorities. The deadline for introduction is November - this year! Admittedly, the specifications for implementing the standard are not entirely trivial. However, with actesy Invoice we have put together an integration package that makes it possible for companies to fulfil the legal requirements for an xInvoice on the basis of their own business applications within the shortest possible time.
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