First automated, then autonomous

In many management days the idea still prevails that the topic of digitisation is a project with a defined end. But the times when a development has a clearly identifiable end point are finally over.

Out of analogue prison

80 percent of survey respondents in Europe (75 percent of Germans) say that new digital solutions can only be integrated into the existing software landscape with disproportionately high effort. But the really good news is: With the actesy framework you get out of the analogue prison.

Every day is a digital day

Can you imagine that the Geneva Motor Show will be cancelled because nobody is interested in diesel vehicles anymore? We Swiss can hardly do more than shake our heads when we hear that the world's largest computer fair, the CEBIT in Hanover, is finally cancelled. However, for us every day is a bit CEBIT, because every day is a digital day

actesy in the real estate letter

actesy AG - an innovative spin-off of the University of St. Gallen - helps companies of all industries to connect their systems. With the actesy Metadata Framework, IT managers in the real estate and housing industry can realize the necessary data insight for practically every requirement.

Madness is to keep everything as it was but to hope that something will change

Because 95% of all business processes are still handled in monolithic, closed ERP and business systems, digitization or agility will progress only very slowly. This is why the "DNS" of the new era is: self-organized, decentralized, collaborative, agile, customer and business driven. With the actesy framework you can analyze the processes in detail without having to touch the central business systems.
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